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How the Scudlayer DDOS Protection works

The DDoS Protection

If you don't know what is a DDoS Attack, we suggest you to first read DDOS Attacks page.

The DDOS protection that we offer consists of a proxy that sits between your server and the rest of the world. Users no longer will interface directly with your server but with our systems in the DDoS Mitigation Center. Our systems will redirect good requests to your server in a completely transparent way. No one will notice the difference.

DDoS Protection operation

In practice, after buying the protection you receive a protected IP that you give to your users, while you provide us the IP of your server, which you must keep secret.

All users traffic will reach our Mitigation Center, which by specialized hardware equipment in protection from DDOS attacks, will filter all traffic, blocking the malicious and forwarding to your server only good one.

Nearly you will not notice even of undergoing the attack, the protection is automatically activated as soon as our systems detect anomalous traffic.

We provide our protection from two DDOS Mitigation Centers geographically separated. Upon purchase you can choose to use the center in Europe or the one on the East Coast of the United States. We advise you to choose the closest Mitigation Center closest to your servers, to minimize latencies and provide better service.

Scudlayer Datacenters Map

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