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Frequently Asked Questions

DDOS Protection

How many IPs can I protect?
Every plan allow to protect only one destination IP. It's possible host uunlimited website, if they are accessible from the same IP. If you want protect website hosted on different IPs, you need to order a protection plan for each one.
What's happen if is only one domain attacked and does it exceeds protection threshold?
Unfortunately rarely it's possible get the attacked domain in a DDOS attack, therefore the protected IP will be null routed and all domains hosted will be unreachable.
What attacks type do you protect?
It's hard do a full taxonomy of every existing attacks, many time that are mix of different attacks or they exploit particular bug. However here is a list including many attacks we can filter:
  • SYN Flood
  • SYN-ACK Flood
  • ACK & PUSH ACK Flood
  • Fragmented ACK
  • RST or FIN Flood
  • Synonymous IP
  • Fake Session
  • Session Attack
  • Misused Application Attack
  • HTTP Fragmentation
  • Excessive VERB
  • Excessive VERB Single Session
  • Multiple VERB Single Request
  • Recursive GET
  • Random Recursive GET
  • Faulty Application
  • UDP Flood
  • UDP Fragmentation
  • DNS Flood
  • VoIP Flood
  • Media Data Flood
  • Non-Spoofed UDP Flood
  • ICMP Flood
  • ICMP Fragmentation
  • Ping Flood
What the cons using your ddos protection web plan?
Pratically nothing. For the user, the proxy will be invisible and he'll not notice anything.
From the point of view of your web application, all accesses will result from our protected IP address.

This may cause two problems:
1) If you are in a shared hosting, the provider could have systems against HTTP flood requests caming fram one IP. In this case you should ask to your provider to whitelist our protected IP.
2) Some web application could not work as expected if every requests came from one IP.
Fortunately, there is a easy soluion to this problem, because the origin ip address is sent in to the http headers of request to your server, therefore through some specific modules for nginx or apache, this could be elaborated as IP of the request. You can look in our Knowledgebase the tutorial about this.
If you are on a shared hosting you should ask to your provider to this operation. However you could do this operation also at PHP level with a workaround.

About the added latency caused from proxy, this is generally negligible, becouse that is around 30ms for server not too far from the Datacenter.

For example, if you buy the protection plan in Europe, the server should be located in Europe. However HTTP service are not very sensitive to latency (You could think when you visit a website in other continents), therefore you shouldn't have problems.
Is it really needed to change the server IP, after setup the proection plan?
Of course this is not strictly required, but your attacked could have stored your IP address and he could attack it directly, avoiding the protection. However some online service scans website to store its IP, and show a full list of IP had from a website. Therefore generally it's really needed to change IP.

For more security it's better to forbid request to the server from IP which are not your protection IP, becouse the attacker could scan subnet of your provider to discover your new IP.

It's absolutely to avoid your webservice doing external requests, mainly to URLs chosen from users. The attacker could do a request from your server to one of its, getting so the IP. Particularly, it's to avoid to sent email from the IP of your server.
How is clean traffic calculated?
The clean traffic is calculated both traffic between your server and our proxy and the traffic between our proxy and your users.

For example the proxy receive a HTTP request (generally requests are few bytes, for this example 0,5KB) for a image of 1MB
In clean traffic we calculate the 0,5KB of incoming traffic to our proxy, and other 0,5KB of outgoing traffic to forward the request to your server.
After we calculate the response traffic incoming from your server to our proxy, 1MB, and the outgoing traffic to the user from the proxy, another 1MB.
Totally the clean traffic is 2.001MB. Therefore you should choose the protection plan with the double bandwidth you normally use with your server.
Of course, attacks traffic is not calculated in clean traffic. The only exception is about some type of attacks on Layer 7, because that for technical reasons are stoped by proxy after the bandwidth consuption calculation.
What the cons using your ddos protection game plan?
The main problem is all your users will have the same IP. This mean you can't anymore ban players through their IP, because it's the Proxy IP. If you ban that, you disconnect every users.

The second possible problem, it's the added latency. Game servers are a type of application very sensitive to latency.
Genereally, depending from your server location, this are about 30 ms, if the server is at reasonable distance.

For example if you buy protection in Europe, and server is in Italy, the latency should be acceptable.
If servers are in China, the latency will increase really much, and could compromise your service.

Support and Administration

Where can I download invoices for my services?
You can download invoices for your service, browsing your Client Area, in Administration > My invoices. Remeber only paid paid invoice are generated as fiscal invoice. You can download that, clicking on Show Invoice button, on the desidered invoice, and clicking the Download Fiscal Invoice button.
Can I buy from every country in the world?
Our service is open to any customer in the world. However we can not guarantee that all payment systems operate in the world, as this is beyond our control. In case of problems (which should be rare), in any case contact us, and we will try to find a solution.

Orders are subject to approval in each case to prevent fraud or similar problems, in the case of our doubts, we may make other checks with your cooperation and agree a specif payment method for this situations.
What happen in case of DMCA complaints?
In these cases you will forward the complaint to the complainant and we'll provide your email because you solve the issue between you. In case of judicial order, we will obviously have to suspend the service.
What is the support channel?
Our official support channel is our ticket system. You can access it from your Client Area.
Can I buy anonymously?

No, we not accept anonymous order for obvious reason. However, please note that we protect the privacy of our customers and therefore we do not provide information to third parties about our clients and services they buy, except for tax / legal and administrative.