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The Scudlayer Web Protection is a specific service for protecting Web sites and any application that functions via HTTP or HTTPS.

The main aim of the service is to mitigate thedesigned to interrupt or normal operation of DDoS Attacks designed to interrupt or disrupt the normal operation of Web sites, Ecommerce and Web services used by common Software and Applications for mobile phones.

The package also includes the WAF (Web Application Firewall) that blocks other types of common hacker attacks designed to penetrate and exploit the Web site or application as the so-called SQL Injections or the XSS attacks.

Scudlayer Web Protection doesn't require you to change your provider and the installation takes less than 5 minutes. The service works as a Reverse Proxy, ie the requests to your server are routed to our specialized systems that filter good traffic from that malicious, and forward it to your server so you and your visitors will not noticing anything. The service is completely transparent.

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  • DDoS Attacks Protection
    We protect agaist attacks up to 750 Gbit and 500 milion of packets per second.
  • Control Panel
    You can independently manage your protection and displays graphs of DDoS attacks.
  • Unlimited domains
    We protect a single IP, no matter how many domains you have on your server, it is sufficient that they are all hosted on the same IP.
  • Datacenters in Europe and USA
    You can choose the data center from which provide protection for best performance with your users.
  • Layer 3 - 4 Protection
    Our service protects against many types of DDoS on network layer.
  • Layer 7 Protection
    We protect also against DDoS attacks on Application layer HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Web Application Firewall
    The WAF protect you website against the common cyber attacks.
  • Support
    You can always contact us for problems with protection.

Why purchase the protection

The main reason is that very few providers have the resources and skills to protect customers from these attacks.

Normally when a customer receives this type of attack, the provider are forced to obscure the customer IP address to avoid disservices to other customers, allowing the attacker to fully achieve its goal, to stop the service.

To cope with this type of attack you need to make large investments in order to have a wide bandwidth (we have a network of about 750Gbit) and expensive equipment Anti DDoS specially produced to protect against this category of cyber attacks.

Protect your website is quick and easy

  • 1
  • Purchase the desired protection plan When activated you will be given a protected IP address.
  • 2
  • Setup the protection from the control panel Set the IP address to forward the traffic clean, and maps the domain names you want to protect (already inclusive of subdomains).
  • 3
  • Edit finally the DNS of your domains To point them to the IP address that you have provided to the activation.
  • 4
  • Now your site is protected against DDOS attacks! Do change your sever IP address to your supplier, because the attacker could keep it in memory, and attack it directly.

Control Panel

Manage independently your DDOS protection through to our control panel very easy to use.

From the panel you can manage all your security packages, configuring the traffic destination IP and domains desired.

You can also monitor the resource consumption of your plan viewing daily clean traffic used and graphs related to the attacks received.


Our Europe protection plans are charged based on the amount of clean bandwidth included in the package. By purchasing one of the packages, at a later time you can switch to a plan with higher traffic.

You can buy monthly or annual plans.

Clean Bandwidth
  • 1 Terabyte
  • 5 Terabytes
  • 10 Terabytes
  • 1Gbit Unmetered
Monthly Plans
  • 49 € /month
  • 99 € /month
  • 199 € /month
  • 299 € /month
Yearly Plans
  • 588 € /year
  • 1188 € /year
  • 2388 € /year
  • 3588 € /year

If you need a solution with different features, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll find a customized solution for your needs.

Purchase now!

Scudlayer Web Protection
starting from 49 €/ month
  • Attacks Protection 750Gbit/500Mpps
  • 1 protected IP
  • Unlimited domains
  • Web Application Firewall


Our protection plans in the US are charged based on the amount of clean traffic included in the package and the capacity of protection required.

While purchasing you can configure the package by choosing the amount of clean traffic included, the size of the protection.

Clean Bandwidth
  • 1 Terabyte
  • 5 Terabytes
  • 10 Terabytes
  • 1Gbit Unmetered
Monthly Plans
  • 129 € /month
  • 259 € /month
  • 399 € /month
  • 799 € /month

  • 10Gbit/2Mpps
  • 20Gbit/4Mpps
  • 30Gbit/8Mpps
  • More than 30Gbit/8Mpps
  • Included
  • 129 € /month
  • 239 € /month
  • Contact us

If you need protection for attacks exceeding size and duration or a solution with different feauteres, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll find a customized solution for your needs.

Purchase now!

Scudlayer Web Protection
starting from 129 €/ month
  • Attacks Protection starting from 10Gbit/2Mpps
  • 1 protected IP
  • Unlimited domains
  • Web Application Firewall

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More answers to frequently asked questions are available on the page dedicated to all the FAQ.

How many IPs can I protect?

Every plan allow to protect only one destination IP. It's possible host uunlimited website, if they are accessible from the same IP. If you want protect website hosted on different IPs, you need to order a protection plan for each one.

How is clean traffic calculated? What attacks type do you protect?