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Protection for Game Server

Protezione Attacchi

DDoS attacks harm your game server

The game servers are a type of service that is very often the victim of DDoS attacks. Unfortunately in this industry competitors and very mischievous players use these attacks to harm their rivals and undermine their reputation.

DDoS attacks are now within the reach of many users, it is also very economical to hire someone to realize their own.

The only real defense against this threat is the use of a Anti DDoS solution, absorbing attacks from malicious users and allows your normal players to continue to use the service normally.


Protection for any game server

Our protection can protect any application and Game server. The only requirement is that the game server does not require a unique ip for each player.

On our network are hosted numerous game servers, who rely on our protection. We have 2 Datacenter in Europe and the US, therefore you will be able to choose where to deliver the Anti DDoS service benefiting from low latency for your users and thus ensuring a better service.

Our protection is compatible with many gaming platforms, including: Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Garrys Mod, Knight Online, League of Legends, Left 4 Dead 2, MMORPG, Shaiya Olympus, TibiaServer

How we protect your game server against Attacks

Our security service stands between your server and your visitors in a completely transparent way. No one will notice the presence of our service, if not the bad guys when they can not carry out their attacks.

Our systems consist of hardware appropriate Anti DDoS equipment to mitigate this type of attack, blocking fake and malicious traffic, and allowing only the good one.

The installation of our protection is simple and takes about 5 minutes. It is not absolutely necessary migrate your Game Sever and you can continue to use your normal provider.

Scudlayer Protection benefits

  • More Profits

    Protect your profits earned by the bad guys, aggressive competitors or players mischievous.

  • More Reputation

    A Game Server always online increases the perception of reliability of your service and users.

  • More Tranquility

    Be struggling with a service is interrupted Often That is not a nice experience. Put to secure your peace of mind.

What our customers say

  [Translated] Initially I did not worry about cyber attacks thinking episodes were very rare and I did not want to pay for something that did not seem useful. Unfortunately, one day I found myself bombarded by phone calls of my clients who were unable to access the site. My provider told me that the site was not accessible due to a DDoS attack. I lost many gains and reputation in those hours for the benefit of my competitors. I then discovered the protection plans Nexeb Apand from that day on my site has had more problems and now I am slowly recovering orders and reputation.

- Francesco P.

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Scudlayer Proxy Anti DDoS
starting from  64 €/ month
  • Protection against DDoS 20Gbit/4Mpps
  • Up to 10TB Clean Traffic 
  • 1 Protected IP
  • Unlimited Ports
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